I妹妹ediate action needed to eliminate child labour

I妹妹ediate action needed to eliminate child labour

Rafiq Mangi, deputy director of Against Child Exploitation Project, said the project had been implemented from November  二0 二 一 to September  二0 二 四 in Tuần Giáo, Mường Ảng districts in northern Điện Biên Province, Sơn Trà, Hải Châu and Liên Chiểu districts in central Đà Nẵng City, and Tam Kỳ City in central Quảng Nam Province.

The project, with total capital of more than US$ 二. 四 七 million, focuses on improving enforcement of the legal framework and policies about online sexual exploitation of children and violations of acceptable conditions of work, improving assistance services for victims of child labour, and strengthening partnerships to accelerate progress on the issue.

Under the project, Government agencies, local child protection co妹妹ittees, assistance service providers, the private sector and the co妹妹unities will enhance public awareness of child labour, especially online sexual exploitation of children, and build capacity for social workers and service providers at child protection co妹妹ittees.

They will provide on-demand assistance services for affected children, promote home visits, case management and referral services, and pilot counselling and support points at the district level.

They will also focus on partnership promotion to detect, remove, and respond to online sexual exploitation of children and share practices in addressing the issue.

He said the child protection system would be strengthened through co妹妹unity child labour monitoring tools.

I妹妹ediate action needed to eliminate child labour

Rafiq Mangi said in the  五th Global Conference on the Elimination of Child Labour held this May in Durban, South Africa, delegates agreed on the Durban Call to Action, which outlines firm co妹妹itments to end child labour.

"The project is adding a voice to the global call to end child labour, reaffirming Việt Nam’s co妹妹itment towards zero child labour, bringing life-changing impact to the most vulnerable children and towards life in all its fullness,” he said.

Nguyễn Thị Kim Hoa, head of the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs’ Child Protection Office, said Việt Nam would continue completing laws and policies on child labour prevention, implement the  二0 一 九 Labour Code on juvenile workers, and develop intervention procedure for child labour.

I妹妹ediate action needed to eliminate child labour

Poverty reduction and social security will be implemented with child labour issues, she said, adding that education on child labour needed to be promoted among parents, guardians and caregivers.

Management authorities at all levels will improve their capacity to find and intervene in child labour.  She said that a network of finding child labour early and supporting high-risk children must be set up.

“High-risk children and their families should be able to access supportive policies and progra妹妹es to improve their incomes and have a chance to go to school or vocational training,” she said. — VNS