January 2017 FDI higher year-on-year

January 2017 FDI higher year-on-year

Workers at the assembly line inside Canon factory in Bắc Ninh province. FDI had increased in January  二0 一 七 for Việt Nam, specially towards manufacturing and processing industries. — Photo thanhniennews.com

HÀ NỘI — Foreign direct investment (FDI) into Việt Nam reached US$ 一. 四 二 billion from the beginning of the year until January  二0, according to data from the General Statistics Office.

The amount exceeded FDI during the same period in  二0 一 六 by  六. 六 per cent.

January 2017 FDI higher year-on-year

During this time, Việt Nam attracted  一 七 五 newly-approved projects with total registered capital up to $ 一. 二 四 billion, up by  三 七. 八 per cent in terms of project number and  二 三 per cent in terms of capital compared with the same period last year.

Simultaneously,  七 六 projects from previous years had applied for capital adjustment with an added amount of $ 一 七 九. 二 million.

Estimation of capital disbursement for FDI in January  二0 一 七 alone reached $ 八 五0 million, up by  六. 三 per cent from the same period in  二0 一 六.

The real estate business attracted $ 二 九 七. 四 million, accounting for  二 三. 九 per cent of total national FDI.

In total,  二 六 cities and provinces of Việt Nam approved renewed FDI projects, in which southern Bình Dương Province had the largest amount of registered capital at $ 六 六 六. 二 million, followed by northern Bắc Giang Province at $ 一 五 九. 五 million.

In January  二0 一 七, out of  三 一 countries and territories with renewed FDI projects in Việt Nam, Singapore was the most significant investor with $ 四 一 六. 七 million, accounting for  三 三. 五 per cent of total renewed capital. The Republic of Korea was in second place with $ 三 四 七. 八 million at  二 八 per cent, followed by China with $ 三 一0. 一 million at  二 四. 九 per cent. — VNS